Tip Line for Crimes in Masontown to Get Cash Rewards

Call Crime Stoppers of Fayette County to Report a Crime and Get Paid for It

The local tip line for crimes in Masontown to get cash rewards is Crime Stoppers of Fayette County. If you witness a crime in Masontown, PA, make sure to report it to our non-profit group right away. We work with local law enforcement and media to track down and gain information on open crimes and fugitives in the Masontown, PA, area.

Our group knows the importance of keeping Fayette County safe, and that starts with keeping dangerous individuals off the streets after they have committed a crime. Because of this commitment, we offer cash payments to those who give us information that leads to an arrest. For more information or to report a crime, give us a call today at (724) 437-8477 or contact us online.

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Protecting Your Identity After You Make a Crime Report

If you have a crime to report to Crime Stoppers of Fayette County, you may worry that potential criminals or their associates might cause trouble in your life when you do. That is exactly the worry that we wish to alleviate in an attempt to encourage people with information to come forward. When you report a crime or fugitive to the team at Crime Stoppers of Fayette County, the entire process is anonymous for your safety. We make sure you get the privacy you deserve for performing an excellent public service. Give us a call today for more information or an anonymous consultation.

Current Cases, Cold Cases, & Closed Cases for the Masontown, PA, Area

For more information on how you can help to solve crimes and get paid to do it, check out some of the cases we need assistance with in the Masontown area. Utilizing these cases can determine whether or not you have information on any of the unsolved crimes we seek to solve. We pay for information that leads to arrests and always keep your name and information anonymous throughout the case. Check out the links below and learn about the open cases we have and contact us with any information:

Get cash rewards from us in Masontown, PA, by calling our tip line for crimes.